The Victory in the News

The Best Places in Madison to Get Your Coffee Fix

April 24, 2017. This article appeared in the ABODO Magazine. “come here if you love an unpretentious cup of strong coffee, served in an art-deco environment that encourages conversation. Patrick Downey moved The Victory from Brooklyn to Madison six years ago…” Read more


New York’s loss is Madison’s Victory

January 6, 2011. This article appeared in the Capital Times and was written by Susan Troller. “The Victory is not so much a little restaurant as an experience: It’s a big-personality coffee, tea and non-alcoholic beverage bar, with locally prepared pastries and a few lunch items.” Read more


It’s Quirky, It’s Beloved, and It’s Closing

January 4, 2011. This article appeared in the New York Times and was written by By Ben Gibberd. Ben tells about how customers were literally distraught when The Victory in Brooklyn, NY closed. Read more


So Long Victory, and Thank You
Boerum Hill says goodbye to a beloved community institution after 12 influential years

January 14, 2011. This article appeared in and was written by Justine Pojanowsk. “The first week I moved to Boerum Hill in 2008, I stopped into a tiny, tin-covered, coffee shop on the corner of State and Hoyt streets for my morning cup of coffee. I was greeted by a lithe man with peppered hair and tattooed arms. ‘You must be new to the neighborhood,’ he said to me. ‘Welcome! This cup is on me!'” Read more


Brooklyn, N.Y.-founded Victory Cafe opens Atwood branch – Victory is ours!

August 26, 2010. This article appeared in the Isthmus and was written by Linda Falkenstein. “Downey says he likes to see his patrons talking with each other, although if you do want to, say, work on your laptop, you can – without the distraction of the Internet. And if you want to read The New York Times, you can do it the old-fashioned way, on newsprint” Read more