The Victory Café Gallery

Trickdown aka Patrick Downey has been creating vibrant works of art for decades. Now you can enjoy his art in person at The Victory. Stop in, sip a beverage, grab a bite to eat, enjoy some groovy music… all while being surrounded by original Trickdown art.

Yes, the art is for sale! Due to growing popularity, if you see something you like here, best let Patrick know asap before it’s claimed. Contact The Victory online! If email isn’t not your thing, call The Victory at (608) 240-0366. OK, we know you love choices… Prefer to message us on FB? That’s cool, we’re on Facebook: The Victory Madison Facebook Page. Best yet, stop by and eat, drink, be merry and check out the art!

Licensing If you are interested in licensing a Trickdown design, please be sure to contact us to describe the terms and pricing. All artwork on this website and art found on the Trickdown Instagram feed is © Copyright The Victory. Trickdown is a trademark of Patric Downey Art.